Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Class ? - Line Dance Performance

From the desk of Ms. B :

When I started the Freestyle Performance class I was concerned if people would really understand what it meant and if it would take off. Several have already come and gone (some in total shock, others in bewilderment) when they realized the word 'performance' meant training sessions with choreography, patterning and a lot of stamina & energy. Those remaining have so far taken everything I've thrown at them in their stride and I'm grateful to them for trusting me to guide them thru this new venture.

Since Freestyle has very wide syllabus and is truly meant for those with some experience at this level, I'm now very keen to start a LINE DANCE PERFORMANCE class. I enjoy the crisp, clean lines that line dance demands for shows & competitions. If anyone is interested in such a class/training, please drop me a note here or message me at +6014.222.9902

Ms. B

Monday, July 9, 2012

From the desk of Ms. B :

From the desk of Ms. B :

Take note there have been several changes in my teaching schedule. Please refer to the schedule on the left that's just been updated.

Those in the Freestyle, intermediate class at TDA - please remember we've agreed to change the class to Tuesdays 11:30am - 1pm. The change is effective July 2012.

Ms B