Saturday, October 30, 2010

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The Supplements That Fight Cancer

The best cancer fighting nutrients come from vitamins and minerals in food, but most of us don't get enough of them. A supplement can offer protection. Just don't take more than the amounts recommended here.

Vitamin D

Studies suggest that getting enough D may cut your risk of breast cancer by as much as 50%. People who combine D with calcium can cut the danger of developing other kinds of cancer by up to 60% when compared with those who take only calcium.
How much to take : 1,000 IU a day, say experts, who call the current AI, 200 to 400 IU, woefully low.


In a study from the American Cancer Society, people who took a calcium supplement were 30% less likely to develop colon cancer then those who didn't.
How much to take : 1,000 mg if you're age 50 or younger; 1,200 if older.

Folic Acid

Studies have found that folic acid may reduce the risk of breast cancer by 45%. Some studies also link adequate folic acid with a decreased risk of colon cancer. What's more, a glass or two of  wine a day raises breast cancer risk by 30%, but enough folic acid wipes that out.
How much to take : A multivitamin provides the necessary 400 mcg a day.

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30th October 2010, Sat. 3pm - Silver Latin & Social Ballroom (RSGC). 

No class this week as I'm heading up to Awana, Genting Highlands for the Pink Ribbon R2R breast cancer survivors wellness camp. See you all next week. Practice, practice, practice.

28th October 2010, Thurs. 12noon - Intermediate Freestyle (TGCC). 

We missed Jenny and I Vee today but it was good to see Angela back in the pink of health. We started class with a run thru of our Beginners social Cha Cha routine. The ladies were still caught out here and there with the steps but i'm confident it will eventually fall into place. We then moved on to SWAVAGANZA and started by running thru the routine with the slow version and then the fast. I thought the ladies the unique intro that goes with the song and everyone had a lot of fun with feeling sexy with it. Once we got that we moved on to the first of eleven highlights of the dance. We finished off the session by running thru our requested dance DIRTY POP and adding another bar to the dance. Good luck with all the practices, please remember everything we've learnt today ;)

28th October 2010, Thurs. 10:15am - Advance Freestyle (TGCC). 

A small-ish turn out today as we had a senior member away on holiday, another away on a refresher course and yet another away for work. Nevertheless, we had a very fruitful class which i enjoyed. We spent time running thru our LATIN LOVER, HIJAU & SEXY SIGNORINA as our warm up and worked on the kinks in the routines. We then went on to dance it thru as a medley a couple of times and ended by working on the patterning of HIJAU. It looks really pretty up to where we stopped and those who were absent need to speak to your classmates to update you on your part of the patterns.

27th October 2010, Wed. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). 

We missed Corina today but we managed to really work on our last 3 dances - SLOW BURN, SWING FEVER & ITS LOVE. We took our time, worked thru the variations for both 'groups' and really managed to nail it by the end of class. One of our members, Margaret, came by class despite having sprained her ankle the night before and it took quite a few stern 'NO's' to make sure she didn't get up and dance. In the end she had to leave class as she found it too hard to contain herself :) Get well soon Margaret.

27th October 2010, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

I had to cancel this class today as my sinus' condition, which was bad in the morning, got considerably worst as the day progressed. Sorry everyone, but the forced rest did make me feel better. See you all next week, 3rd Nov.

26th October 2010, Tues. 8:30pm - Higher Beginners Dance Fit (PY). 

We received the sad news that the studio space (not Purple Yogis) would be closing as the hand over of the premises did not happen as expected. So though classes would still be managed by Purple Yogis, the physical studio would no longer be available. The search for new studio space for the existing classes is now on and students will be kept informed before the next scheduled class. After some discussion, we go on with class. We continued with MANEATER.dfld and worked 1/8 - 6/8 throughly before we moved on to our core exercises which have moved on to the preparation for the intermediate level. Poor Shirley, who had been missing a couple of weeks, was in shock as she suddenly felt like she'd missed a lot :D. A word of warning ladies, the stretch section will also be 'upgrading' next week as we move on up!

26th October 2010, Tues. 6:15pm - Mid Beginner Dance Fit (KRISS). 

This was possibly the last Dance Fit lesson for this group so I decided against continuing with COPACABANA.dfld and instead we really worked COFFEE.dfld and HONEY HONEY.dfld in 10's, 5's and 1's. It was a great cardio workout. We then pushed on to our arm exercises as this group is yet to be coordinated enough to use their upper bodies during dance. We had a thorough work out and everyone showed signs of fatigue :D We then went on to do our 3 levels of basic core work before we finished with a lovely stretch. A brief discussion after class revealed that the class might become an Aerobic session starting next month, stay in touch with Irene for updates on that.

25th October 2010, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

Good turn out today with several ladies making a come back after their week long holiday. Welcome home :) We learnt SLOW BURN to the song FIRE today which we first did several years ago and remained a favorite with the ladies. It wasn't too hard to bring the memories back and this time, as in the past few months, we were able to focus more on the technique of executing the nice steps and everyone enjoyed this favorite much more then the first time. Great dancing to day ladies.

From the desk of Ms B

Apologies for not keeping up to date, again. Things just seem to be piling up one after another. Some positive and some negative. Here are the reports for this week.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

12th October 2010, Tues. 6:15pm - Mid Beginner Dance Fit (KITT). 

We relearnt 1/6-3/6 of Copacabana since we had a new face in our group and this young lady picked it all up fairly easily. Because she seemed to be managing well I decided to push the class a bit by working our Honey Honey routine as well. We got thru our core training fairly smoothly too. Everyone is slowly but surely getting stronger by the lesson. I'm really please with their progress.

11th October 2010, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

We had a very small class today cos several were away for a holiday in China. So it was decided that we would go for breakfast and have some long denied 'fellowship'. I had a great time and even my allergies felt better. Thank you ladies. Love you all.

9th October 2010, Sat. 3pm - Intermediate/Silver Social Dancing (RSGC). 

We didn't have everyone with us today but we still managed a good class. It didn't start off too good as everyone was close to blank after our long forced break  However, after many many rounds of our Foxtrot there was some light bulbs coming on We also ran thru our Bronze Cha Cha as I intend to add on some silver patterns in our next lesson.

Cha Cha Routine with Silver additions :

Set 1

Basic Cha Cha
Change of hip
3 x hand to hand
3 cha cha's
Spot turn

8th October 2010, Fri. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). 

This is the first of our replacement classes for the 4 days that the club used the hall last month. We used the lesson to catch up with all the dances we had completed before the shut down. We REVISED : Catherine's Pain (A Puro Dolor), Candy Man, Kool Celebration (Celebration) & It's Love (Everything).

7th October 2010, Thurs. 12noon - Intermediate Freestyle (TGCC). 

We started the class by running thru our Beginners Cha Cha routine which the ladies are still struggling to remember but they're getting there. I didn't have the music for the next dance that I had promised so working on the fact that we'd just completed cha cha, I taught them my dance Swayvaganza which is done to Sway by PCD. They picked it up really quick but I think a lot more thought is needed over the week to understand how to produce the moves smoothly. Good luck darlings.

7th October 2010, Thurs. 10am - Advance Freestyle (TGCC). 

We continued to work on the Rumba in our Latin medley and have decided to work with the song Hijau. I'm pleased the ladies have decided to take on the challenge to work with such a slow tempo. We warmed up with our Latin Lover and it still takes quite a few rounds before they can produce it smoothly. We cooled down with Painting and I was happy to see muscle memory still in play for this lovely dance.

Added steps :

Swivel R knee across L [2], turn 1/4 R & step f/wd [3], turn 1/2 R & step to side [4], hold [1]

Step RF to L diag. [2], turn 1/2 R & step LF back [3], step back RF [4], hold [1]

Swivel L hip [2], sit w L knee open [3], stretch RH up [4,1]

360 spiral R [2], sweep RF back [3], kneel on R knee [4] reach arms f/wd [1]

Rotate body & arms 360 L [2,3,4,1]

Stand on LF & turn L to face 12:00 [2], cross RF over L [3], step LF to side [4], drag RF close [1]

6th October 2010, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

NO class tonight. The club is using the hall for a function. See you next week.

6th October 2010, Wed. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). 

Started with a really small class today but they ladies came in over time. We're still catching up after our forced closure by the club last week. We spent the lesson relearning IT'S LOVE by Bronya B. This is 112 step dance so it does take a while. Its a Foxtrot and lovely & smooth. Some of the ladies had trouble with the turns so simpler changes of directions were offered and everyone managed by the end of the lesson.

5th October 2010, Tues. 8:30pm - Mid Beginners Dance Fit (PY). 

Slow start today and a small turn out but given the size of the studio it proved very comfortable. We started to learn song #5 Sister Kate by Ditty Bops. Its a lilt rhythm and very lively. We just about managed to learn 1/8-2/8 after a few extra rounds. Mos t of them managed it with the extra time but we're still far from getting the rhythm. Nevertheless, we continued with a great work out with song #2-4 which we worked in 10's before dancing it thru. I tweaked the core work today and there were some grunts but everyone did great. I finished off the session with a couple of one to one stretches and everyone seemed happy. I know they'll all get a great sleep tonight

5th October 2010, Tues. 6:15pm - Beginners Dance Fit (KITT).

It was a decent turn out today and we saw the return of two ladies who've been away for quite a while. Glad to have you back girls  It was a fantastic class today with lots of effort put into it by everyone. They've finish dance #1 & 2 now and we put them together for a really good workout today. We started off with 10's, followed up with 5's and then danced it right thru. There was much huffing and puffing but they completed it. They even managed a full 3 level core session and a short stretch. I'm very proud of them. Some are already noticing changes in their bodies - woo hoo !!!!!!