Saturday, October 30, 2010

26th October 2010, Tues. 8:30pm - Higher Beginners Dance Fit (PY). 

We received the sad news that the studio space (not Purple Yogis) would be closing as the hand over of the premises did not happen as expected. So though classes would still be managed by Purple Yogis, the physical studio would no longer be available. The search for new studio space for the existing classes is now on and students will be kept informed before the next scheduled class. After some discussion, we go on with class. We continued with MANEATER.dfld and worked 1/8 - 6/8 throughly before we moved on to our core exercises which have moved on to the preparation for the intermediate level. Poor Shirley, who had been missing a couple of weeks, was in shock as she suddenly felt like she'd missed a lot :D. A word of warning ladies, the stretch section will also be 'upgrading' next week as we move on up!

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