Saturday, October 30, 2010

28th October 2010, Thurs. 12noon - Intermediate Freestyle (TGCC). 

We missed Jenny and I Vee today but it was good to see Angela back in the pink of health. We started class with a run thru of our Beginners social Cha Cha routine. The ladies were still caught out here and there with the steps but i'm confident it will eventually fall into place. We then moved on to SWAVAGANZA and started by running thru the routine with the slow version and then the fast. I thought the ladies the unique intro that goes with the song and everyone had a lot of fun with feeling sexy with it. Once we got that we moved on to the first of eleven highlights of the dance. We finished off the session by running thru our requested dance DIRTY POP and adding another bar to the dance. Good luck with all the practices, please remember everything we've learnt today ;)

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