Thursday, October 28, 2010

7th October 2010, Thurs. 10am - Advance Freestyle (TGCC). 

We continued to work on the Rumba in our Latin medley and have decided to work with the song Hijau. I'm pleased the ladies have decided to take on the challenge to work with such a slow tempo. We warmed up with our Latin Lover and it still takes quite a few rounds before they can produce it smoothly. We cooled down with Painting and I was happy to see muscle memory still in play for this lovely dance.

Added steps :

Swivel R knee across L [2], turn 1/4 R & step f/wd [3], turn 1/2 R & step to side [4], hold [1]

Step RF to L diag. [2], turn 1/2 R & step LF back [3], step back RF [4], hold [1]

Swivel L hip [2], sit w L knee open [3], stretch RH up [4,1]

360 spiral R [2], sweep RF back [3], kneel on R knee [4] reach arms f/wd [1]

Rotate body & arms 360 L [2,3,4,1]

Stand on LF & turn L to face 12:00 [2], cross RF over L [3], step LF to side [4], drag RF close [1]

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