Monday, January 30, 2012

Emergency First Aid

Returning again to one of the many 'roots' (first aid) that have made me who I am. I'd like to share this reminder of emergency procedures.


It is important to immediately check the nearby area for danger to yourself and the injured person. If it is safe, respond to the needs of the injured. Look at the Airway, Breathing and Circulation (ABC) of the patient.

Shout "Are you okay?", and mildly shake the patient. If there is no response :

  2. ROLL THEM on to their side, clear and maintain an open airway
  3. CHECK BREATHING, if there is none begin resuscitation (CPR) immediately
  4. CHECK FOR BLEEDING and control it
  5. MAKE COMFORTABLE by loosening any tight clothing around waist or neck
  6. TREAT any other injuries and monitor condition

DO NOT ! :

  • Give ANY water, drinks or anything by mouth
  • Leave them unattended


A person requires blood to be continuously circulating in their body. Any major loss of blood can cause death. It is very important to stop bleeding quickly. Try to prevent any excahnge of blood between the injured and the recuer by using gloves, a face mask and goggles.

If a person is bleeding :

  1. APPLY DIRECT PRESSURE to the wound preferably using a sterile dressing or clothing and place it against the wound. Bandage firmly in place. This will help the blood to clot. Make sure circulation is not restricted to limbs.
  2. ELEVATE THE INJURED PART, while keeping pressure on it. This slows down blood flow to the raised area.
  3. CONTINUED BLEEDING requires further dressing and pressure to be applied. Place additional dressings over those already there.

DO NOT ! :

  • Remove any dressings from the wound
  • Remove or apply pressure to any objects EMBEDDED in the wound, apply pressure around the object


Burns & scalds are caused by contact or proximity to heat sources such as : fire, steam, chemicals, hot metal and electricity.

Emergency treatment of burns should be primarily concerned with the relief of the pain that immediately follow burns, exclusion of air from the affected area, minimizing the onset of shock, and the prevention of infection.

If a person suffers a burn :

  1. REMOVE CLOTHING from the affected area but cut around any clothing that sticks to the skin and leave it in place
  2. COOL THE BURN under cold running water for 10 minutes
  3. COVER THE BURN with a sterile non-adherent (non stick) dressing or a clean piece of sheeting. Burns & scalds are subject to swelling so the covering should be loose with no pressure on the injured area.

DO NOT ! :

  • Break any blisters
  • Apply ointment or other substances


Poisoning may occur by swallowing, by inhaling, or by skin contact with a hazardous substance.

Do not make the person vomit. If there is involuntary vomitting, keep the vomited material and hand it over to the doctor.

If unconscious follow the procedure for UNCONSCIOUSNESS above. If conscious try to find out what substance has caused the poisoning and find any safety data sheets on it and folows the instructions given. Seek medical advice urgently.



Injuries to the spine can lead to temporary or permanent loss of movement in the legs or arms. The person should be immobilized. Extreme care should be taken to support the head and neck if it is absolutely necessary to move the person.

If the person is unconscious follow the procedure for UNCONSCIOUSNESS above, taking extra care in supporting the neck and head when rolling them onto their side.



Lay person on the floor and raise legs slightly onto a chair or other raised object. Allow a supply of fresh air to reach person. Make comfortable by loosening any tight fitting clothing. If the person does not recover, use UNCONSCIOUSNESS procedure and seek medical assistance.


If there is a foreign object in the eye do not attempt to remove it if it is embedded or, in the black or coloured part of the eyeball. Otherwise attempt to rinse the object out of the eye with cool water. If this fails and the object can be seen, use a clean, moistened handkerchief or cotton tip and carefully remove the object. Should the object remain in the eye, cover with an eye pad and seek medical attention.


* Information obtained from Global Doctors

Line Dance (Freestyle) List - 2012

1.      Soo's Samba - Bronya Bishorek (32 counts, 4 walls, 1 tag, 2 restarts)
2.      Celebration - Bronya Bishorek (32 counts, 2 walls, 1 restart)
3.      Save Your Kisses  For Me* - Yeo Yu Puay (32 counts, 4 walls, 2 tags)
4.      Hold My Hand* - Daniel Trepat (32 counts, 4 walls)  
5.      Ain't No Other Man* - Guyton Mundy & friends (48 count, 4 walls)
6.      Intrigue - Rob Fowler (32 count, 4 walls)
7.      Top Of The World - Bronya Bishorek (32 count, 4 wall, 1 tag)
8.      Footloose** - Rob Fowler (48 count, 4 wall, 3 tags, 1 restart)
9.      Dancing In The Streets - Philip Sobrielo & Ruben Luna (32 count, 4 wall)
10.    Snap Your Fingers - Rachael McEnaney (64 count, 2 wall)
11.    A Thousand Years - Yeo Yu Puay (96 counts, 4 walls, 1 restart)
12.    A Fairytale - Elisa Lau (64 counts, 2 walls, 1 tag)
13.    Innocent - Julia Wetzel (36 counts, 4 walls, 1 restart)
14.   Creepin Up On You - Peter & Alison
15.   Shall We Dance - Deshimona (phrased)
16.   Cuba Nights - Miriam Charlton (32 counts, 4 walls)
17.   Martini Moments - Francien Sittrop (64 counts, 4 walls)
18.   3-2-1 Lets Go - Kate Sala (64 counts, 4 walls)
19.   Domino - Rachael McEnaney (64 counts, 2 walls)
20.   Girl Gone Wild - Ivonne Verhagen (64 counts, 2 walls)
21.   Like A Love Song - The Dance Factory UK (64 counts, 4 walls)
22.   Magic Love - Jaszmine Tan (32 counts, 4 walls)
23.   Never - Bronya Bishorek (32 counts, 4 walls, 2 tags, 1 pause)
24.   Next To Me - William Sevone (32 counts)
25.   Lovers Dance - Johnny S' (32 counts, 4 walls)
26.   A Sad Situation - Elisa Lau (48 counts, 4 walls)
27.   Dance Again - Ria Vos (64 counts, 4 walls)
28.   Dance With Me - Robbie McGowan Hickie (64 counts, 4 walls)
29.   Don't Stop Believing - Gordon Elliott (64 counts, 2 walls)
30.   Everything I Need - Tajali Hall (60 counts, 2 walls)
31.   Fake ID - Sobrielo Philip Gene (32 counts, 4 walls)
32.   For The First Time - Niels Poulsen (32 counts, 4 walls)
33.   Glad You Came - Eddie McIntosh (64 counts, 2 walls)
34.   Heaven - Jin Lan Diong (32 counts, 4 walls)
35.   Her? Or Me? - Amy Christian (Phrased, 4 walls)
36.   Payphone - Caroline Dancer Cooper (64 counts, 2 walls)
37.   Treat Me Like A Rose - Peter Ng (48 counts, 2 walls)
38.   9 to 5 - Gordon Elliot (64 counts, 2 walls)
39.   ExHale (aka Shoop Shoop) - Francien Sittrop (64 counts, 4 walls)
40.   Breathing - Francien Sittrop (64 counts, 2 walls)
41.   Can We Chill* - Susan Puruleski (64 counts, 2 walls)
42.   Looking 4 Myself - Sebastiaan Holtland (32 counts, 4 walls)
43.   The Fairlie Waltz - Judith Campbell (48 counts, 4 walls)
44.   Crash & Burn - Birgit Kjerside & Soren Kristensen (32 counts, 2 walls)

*  with modification
**  danced without tags

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Freestyle Advance 2 - 7th January 2012

Check out 5 of the ladies from my Freestyle Advance 2 who recently performed at the WDA Dinner & Dance Anniversary at the Royal Selangor Club. They look amazing here and put on a well executed performance. Very proud of them ♥

By successfully performing here, they have earned their certificates for Advance 2, which will come soon

Happy Lunar New Year !

I'd like to wish all my students a very happy, prosperous, safe & joyous Gong Xi Fa Chai. May we all have great opportunities in the year of the dragon. Enjoy your week off =D Classes resume on the 30th Jan !

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living SLIM

There are no magic wands to make that fat disappear. It took time for that fat to settle so comfortably round your waist and hips - it will take time for it to go.

I am a certified Nutritionist & Wellness Adviser, and an almost perfect example of a working Mum and someone who does not listen to her own advise =(

However, I have spent 2011 undergoing some serious stress (emotionally & physically) which have resulted in some serious 'spreading'. Luckily my FITNESS levels were relatively high at the end of 2010 and I have not suffered too badly in that area but I have completely loss the feeling of SLIMNESS.

Being slim does not mean being a size 10 or less. It means being fit & healthy enough for you to FEEL slim and like what YOU see in the mirror. I no longer feel slim or sexy (if that helps motivate you) and have decided to return to my professional roots to get myself back to my 'happy place' and invite you to join me on my journey.

Take the advise I give you and think about it. Attempt it if you're determined to make a difference and only offer criticism if its constructive. I will post notes for you to dwell on (labelled Living FIT & Living SLIM) as often as I can, take it one note at a time and do it.

Ms B.

Living FIT

Get this - exercise is your secret weapon for losing weight & keeping it off.

If your attitude is 'I can't be bothered' then that's fine : stay fat & unfit.

Just get up & do it. Do not let two days go by without doing some kind of exercise. If you're serious about living fit, you need to acknowledge the excuses YOU make to not exercise. You DO have the time, you CAN work around a bad back/knees/hips (the fitter you are, the less pain you'll be in) etc, etc, etc. The fact is - have you got time NOT to exercise???

Lee Janogly

Happy 2012 !

Happy 2012 everyone !!! Its time to get ourselves back into the routine of classes and fulfill our resolutions for fitness & living slim. All classes resume from today so make sure you haven't scheduled something in your class slots.

Spending an hour a day/week to ensure you learn to live life fit & healthy is nothing compared to the 3 hours you gladly put aside to have lunch/dinner with friends while pushing food in your mouths. Think about it ! See you in class.

Ms B

Merry Christmas !

I'd like to wish all my students - past, present & future - a blessed Christmas & a joyous New Year !!! May you all have a safe, healthy festive season. See you all back in class soon, once all the parties & holidays come to an end. Take care everyone. 

♥ Ms B xoxoxo