Thursday, January 13, 2011

13th January 2011, Thurs. 10:15pm - Advance Freestyle (TGCR). 

We had one member away sick today but we still managed a great class. We started out warming up with Tea for Two followed by Frim Fram, both of which were performed from memory alone and came out pretty good. The girls then danced their Latin medley which came out beyond my expectations!!! It just goes to show that sometime trying too hard is not always the right thing to do. This round was done with no walk thru and was the best performance I had seen since its creation. I'm so sorry I didn't record it :( We finished off our second verse of our present project - Temporary Home and linked it to the second & final chorus of our routine. It looks lovely girls. Cant wait to see it polished.

12th January 2011, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

We had full attendance this week, which was great cos its been a while since we've had everybody together. Today's dance was LOST TOGETHER by Yvonne Anderson danced to the song Lost by Michael Buble. Its a lovely smooth song and most of the dance steps flowed really well with the song. We did have some trouble smoothing out the 3rd bar but with a little modification we got it right. It didn't take too long for everyone to get it but it did take us a couple of rounds to get all the way to the end of the song. Great to see everyone. Thanks ladies & Adam.

12th January 2011, Wed. 10am - Reviser Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

We started off class today by revising the dance we learnt on Monday - Swayvaganza. We then followed it with several other finished dances - Quand '05, Pink Shoelaces, Fantabulous, Pata Pata and finished off with Kiss Goodbye. It turned into a really good workout :D Great job ladies.

11th January 2011, Tues. 8:30pm - Beginners Dance Fit (RCS). 

We saw the return of a few ladies that had been missing in the first lesson of the year. Great to have everyone back. As with my earlier class we used a new routine but this time I used I Feel For You by Chaka Khan. Great tune. This class had a higher level of upper body work & floor work and everyone did their best. Another good class. Thank you everyone. For the step sheet refer to the 'discussions' button up top or refer to

11th January 2011, Tues. 6:15pm - Beginners Dance Fit (SIH). 

After a LONG break we've finally resumes this class and have reverted back to the Dance Fit format. Yay !! We had a small attendance today but it was a great class. We used a fresh routine which I taught to Four Minutes by Madonna & Justin Timberlake. We had a lovely consistent run of the cardio section which we followed immediately with some upper body work. After a short drink break, we moved on to some floor work which went well too and finished off with our stretching. Great class. Looking forward to the next one. If you'd like to have the step sheet for today's routine, you'll have to go to either the 'discussions' button (above) or head to

10th January 2011, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

GREAT turn out today!!! We had just about EVERYONE in class today PLUS a finally convinced Bee who turned up for class AND did pretty good for her first lesson. Today we learnt SWAYVAGANZA by Bronya Bishorek which is danced to the song Sway by PCD. This is a quick 32 count cha cha which has a different highlight for each of the 11 walls of the routine :D However, as this class is not planning to performe this routine I decided to just give them 4 highlights which seemed to tickle them quite a bit as they were sassy & sensual. It was a fun class today and I hope thru this song we'll get the more sedate ones to 'open up' a bit more. Thanks for a great class ladies.

8th January 2011, Sat. 3pm - Silver Cha Cha (RSGC). 

I had an all ladies class today of 5. We miss Mr Lim who is recovering from treatment. We hope he will be strong enough to join us again soon. We continued to day by finished off our last section of our Cha Cha routine which has been upgraded to the Silver level. If you'd like to see the whole routine to date, please go to the blog - as I cant fit the whole routine in this status box.

Silver Cha Cha routine :

Set 1 - Basic fan, alemana, hand to hand, 3 cha cha's, spot turn

Set 2 - Basic cha, 2 half turns & 1 full turn, chassing cha's f/wd & back

Set 3 - Basic chasse, new york, cuban break, cross underarm turn

Set 4 - Basic fan, hockey stick, natural top, open hip movement, cross body fan

6th January 2011, Thurs. 12 noon - Intermediate Freesytle (TGCR). 

Intermediate freestyle routine choreographed by Ms B. This is a work in progress and has been uploaded purely for the aim of assisting the student in remembering their routine for practice purposes. Happy practicing :D

Dirty Pop

Saturday, January 8, 2011

6th January 2011, Thurs. 10:15am - Advance Freestyle (TGCR).

 freestyle routine choreographed by Ms B. This is a work in progress and has been uploaded purely for the aim of assisting the student in remembering their routine for practice purposes. This is a long routine and has no repeat steps in it so a visual is helpful for jogging the memory. Great work girls. Keep it up.

Temporary Home : bars 7+tag+6+tag+3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4th January 2011, Tues. 8:30pm - High Beginners Dance Fit (RCS). 

We had a few people away for injuries & illness but we still managed to have a class with the rest of the ladies & Adam. It was a great start to the new year with a really efficient workout. We used Coffee.dfld, Copacabana.dfld & Booty Music.dfld and worked in 5's non stop. Everybody did their best and it resulted in a great cardio workout. We used Funky Music for our upper body work and then moved on to a new routine of abdominal, legs & butt exercises. Challenging but nobody complained. Great stuff !!!!! Our aim for 2011? To strengthen the upper body to create good isolation for greater efficiency - woo hoo !!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

3rd January 2011, Mon. 10am Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

First person I saw when I walked into the multi purpose hall was Florence. How lovely to start the year off with her cheerful face and attitude. A good start to the day. Everyone else trickled in slowly and it was good to see Gina IN class early today. It was not a complete class though with Jeannie and Lip missing due to commitments and Dr Prem away for her health. We started the year off learning QUAND '05 by MASTERS IN LINE. Everyone, including our new girls - Florence & Joanne, picked this old favourite up fairly quickly and we enjoyed ourselves. As we had time, we also ran thru Pink Shoelaces & Summer Breeze.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

1st January 2011

Happy New Year everyone ! Let's look forward to better health, fitness, flexibility & friendship this year. Classes resume on 3rd January 2011.

Line Dance Favorites - 2010

Before the start of a new year of classes, i thought I'd share my favorite line dances of 2010 :

1. Booty Music - Jo Thompson, Jackie Miranda & Judy McDonald
2. Sister Kate - Ria Vos
3. Dont Play With Fire - Sebastiaan Holtland
4. Funky Fire Dance - John Ng
5. Games People Play - Leong Mei Ling
6. Catherine's Pain - Bronya Bishorek
7. Cherry Poppin' - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
8. It's Love - Bronya Bishorek
9. Swing Fever - Kim Ray
10. Slow Burn - Kathy Hunyadi & John Robinson
11. Kiss Goodbye - Bronya Bishorek
12. Fantabulous - Bracken Ellis
13. Pata Pata - Agoston Connor
14. Pink Shoelaces - Bronya Bishorek
15. Quand '05 - Masters In Line
16. Swayvaganza - Bronya Bishorek
17. Trippin' - Neville Fitzgerald
18. Going All The Way - Teresa & Vera
19. Wild Ponies - Ami Walker
20. What U Waiting For - Leong Mei Ling
21. Cuban Yeah - Jennifer Choo Sue Chin
22. Secret - Johanna Barnes
23. Forty Said - Ruben Luna
24. Sorry Sorry - Chee Kiang Lim

I really enjoyed these. Thank you choreographers ♥

Freestyle Advance, Thurs. 10:15am (TGCR).

Temporary Home, bars 1-6 with tag. Choreographed by Ms. B.

Freestyle Advance routine. This is not up to date girls but its all i have on record. Please use it to jog your memory before classes resume next week. Happy practicing.

Freestyle Intermediate - Thur. 12noon.

Dirty Pop, bars 1-4 with repeat. Choreographed by Ms B. 

This is not up to date but its the most that I've got girls. Please use it to jog your memory before classes resumes next week. Happy practicing.

Remember, to make this routine work for you, you HAVE to have attitude. I know it's tough for some of you but bear with it purely for the lesson of understanding this genre of dance.

1st December 2010, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

My son brought the song Secret by Maroon 5 to my attention recently which prompted me to find a step sheet to it. I found an intermediate script written by JOHANNA BARNES and named after the song. Its a 32 count, 4 wall routine which I discovered had strong jazz elements in it which appealed to me greatly. The song itself is a little moody and dark, which i rather enjoy. A well written dance for the line dance genre. The group managed it rather well too. A definite keeper. Thank you Johanna.

29th November 2010, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

Sorry ladies, no class today. I pulled my calf muscle badly during a cramp. Its now far too tight for me to use it safely. See you all on Wed.

24th November 2010, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

Today's dance was Picture Perfect Memories choreographed by JEFF CAMPS done to the song Need You Now by Lady Antebellum. I've been enjoying the tune greatly as it plays on the radio. The dance had its nice bits but didn't quite have the smooth flow all the way thru that was indicated in the song. However, we enjoyed dancing it and had a good time. Thank you Jeff.

17th November 2010, Wed. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). 

There's no class today ladies. Today is a public holiday to celebrate Hari Raya Haji. Enjoy the break :D

12th November 2010, Fri. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance [replacement class] (RSGC). 

This was the final replacement class for those two weeks we were forced out of the club for the golf tournament. Not a full turn out but we had enough to have fun :D We used this lesson to revise our dances and for those with 'gaps' in their memories of some of the routines to sort themselves out. Thanks for making the effort to come ladies.

11th November 2010, Thurs. 8:30pm - Mid Beginners Dance Fit [replacement class] (PY). 

We had a small turn out today as many were away due to illness and work. However, our two newest additions were present and we also had a slightly injured Natalie with us and a stressed out Shirley. As we had beginners in the class who were struggling with our present high beginners routines, I decided to bring the class back to the origins in an attempt to give the newbies some time to develop some foundation and feel comfortable with themselves so we used COFFEE as our routine today. The core training was a little toned down too today but the newbies coped better with that then they did with the dancing. Lets persevere, yes !

11th November 2010, Thurs. 12noon - Intermediate Freestyle (TGCC). 

We had a new student today, Lynette. A very enthusiastic lady and a pleasure to have with us. We started off by warming up with our social beginners cha cha routine. We then went on to revise our intro and first highlight of SWAVAGANZA. After correcting a few issues i continued to teach them a further 3 highlights in the dance and we spent the rest of the lesson getting them right. We did not touch on Dirty Pop today as I felt we they had enough information to digest for the day.

11th November 2010, Thurs. 10:15am - Advance Freestyle (TGCC). 

We did a lot of revision today on our latin medley. After working out several doubts and ironing out the timing, we worked on the formations in HIJAU. It was a slow class but we achieved much today.

11th November 2010, Thurs. 9am - Intermediate Dance Fit (TGCC). 

This is a supplementary class for dancers who wish to improve on their fitness, flexibility, stamina & core strength. All are welcome but dance experience is a must. Remember to bring your own floor mat.

10th November 2010, Wed. 10am - Reviser Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

I was delighted to see Dr Prem again in class today as she confirmed her participation. Welcome to our family Dr Prem. It was a reviser class today but most of the ladies were still unsure about KISS GOODBYE, so we spent quite a bit of time running thru it again. We also managed to revised SUMMER LOVE, SLOW BURN & SWING FEVER. Our new ladies gamely followed as much as they could. Thumbs up for your determination.

10th November 2010, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

There's no class today as the club is using the hall for a private function. See you all next week. Happy practicing.

10th November 2010, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

There's no class today as the club is using the hall for a private function. See you all next week. Happy practicing.

9th November 2010

I had to cancel all classes today as i dealt with a debilitating migraine which struck me during the early hours of the morning. My apologies to the students at KRISS & PY. The studio will contact you with regards to replacement classes.

8th November 2010, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC).

We had another new visitor to our class today - Dr Prem. She is a friend of Florence and we're so glad to have her come in. Today we learnt KISS GOODBYE by Bronya B which is danced to a Chinese song of the same name sung by Wang Lee Hom. This dance was choreographed by me at the request of Serene Lim, a student of this class. Its an intermediate lyrical rumba with 32 counts and danced to 4 walls. Dr Prem is not too steady on her feet, yet, so I simplified several of the steps for her to cope and several of the other ladies adopted some of the steps to make the dance easier for them to manage too. So thank you Dr Prem for providing me with the catalyst to come up with simpler options for this dance. I hope to get it on video soon for those who do find the original a little too challenging.

6th November 2010, Sat. 3pm

Silver Latin & Social Ballroom (RSGC). No class today as I take a day off to tend to my Mother and be with my boys. Enjoy the weekend