Saturday, July 31, 2010

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

An extract from HEALTH SMART, Readers Digest Sept. 2008


Adding calorie-free seasoning to your food could help you loose weight, according to a study of 1500 overweight people. Those who added plenty of 'tastants' (flavour crystals) to their food lost 14 kg on average over six months, while those not using the seasoning lost only 1 kg.

Lead researcher Dr Alan Hirsch said the flavour crystals may have made the food more satisfying so people ate less. The crystals may also have improved the flavour of bland, nutritious foods such as tofu, so people ate more of the healthy foods. While tastant cyrstals are not commercially available, there are plenty of ways you can boost the flavour of food without boosting the calorie content.

* Add a few handfuls of fresh herbs to stir-fries, salads of even sandwiches.

* Turn bland casserole into a Middle Eastern hotpot with plenty of ground cumin, coriander and paprika. Buy a pre-mixed spice blend, such as harissa, for ease of use.

* Experiment with unusual spices such as sumac, lemon myrtle or peri-peri.

* Add a kick of chilli to sauces, salad dressings and marinades.
24th March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). Almost full turn out today. Still missing our 'god mother' Grace who is still recovering from eye surgery. We had a great workout and REVISED : Dont Play With Fire, Honey Honey.DFLD, Funky Fire Dance, Booty Music, Sister Kate, Chica Boom Boom. The ladies worked up a really good sweat and then rewarded themselves with a lunch together :) See you all next week.
23rd March 2010, 8:30pm - Beginners Dance Fit (Lucky Garden). Small attendance today but I'm really glad those who did come were the beginners who benefitted the most from a class tailored to their needs. You all did great as we did the absolute basics of dance with JAZZ IT UP and core work with SADE and stretching with SHAKATAK. Thanks everyone for making the effort. Cheers!
23rd March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (Aman Suria). We had two missing today but given the size of the studio it was a very comfortable class today. We LEARNT : Dont Play With Fire by Sebastiaan Holtland. The first 5 bars of this dance is rather good but I did change the last 4 counts of the final bar to avoid confusion and to prepare the dancer for the start of the dance again. Very happy to have Soo M Wong back with us after her run in with dengue and looking in the pink of health. We also RELEARNT : Sister Kate briefly. Next week we'll devote the class to revising the last 5 dances we've learnt.
22nd March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). Almost a full turn out today. We were only missing our 'god-mother' Grace who's still recovering from an eye op. We used a really 'hot' piece of music today called Fire to which we LEARNT : Funky Fire Dance by John Ng. It was a neatly choreographed piece which hit the highlights of the music well. We also REVISED : Honey Honey.DFLD. We also had an enquiry from a new member of the club and we look forward to welcoming her into the class soon.
21st March 2010, 10:30am - Intermediate Freestyle (Kota Damansara). Great turnout today will full attendance! So happy :) Thanks girls. We started a little late as there was a yoga workshop going on in the next studio and I didn't want our rather loud music to disrupt them. We used DITTY BOP.DFLD for our cardio session and did some really good core work too. With so many newcomers to our group I decided to start on a brand new piece using TILT YA HEAD by Christina Aguilera & Nelly using the MTV style of dance. We managed about 4 x 8's which consisted of quite a bit of rolling on the floor. Everyone put in really good effort. Sifu is pleased !
20th March 2010, 3pm - Bronze Latin & Social (RSGC). Full turnout today. Fantastic. We RELEARNT : Social Tango and managed to get all the way round the floor. The gentlemen worked hard, dancing with all 6 of our ladies. Well done guys. We also REVISED : Bronze Cha Cha. We only managed the first section of it but it was a good round and everyone managed. Class was followed by a mini feast hosted by Mr & Mrs Lim Che Wan who were celebrating their 39th anniversary - wow!!!!! Congratulations you two.
18th March 2010, 9:45am - Advance Freestyle (Kota Damansara). Another small-ish turn out today due to work and family commitments. Vicky Yl Ng was out with a virus and a bad back. We all hope she recovers soon. The ladies managed to take the core conditioning to a new level. Great job girls! We COMPLETED : the lyrical contempory section of our Hercules medley to the song Go The Distance. I'm very pleased with the outcome.
18th March 2010, 8:30am - Beginners Dance Fit (Kota Damansara). Small-ish turn out today due to school holidays i think. We LEARNT : DFLD version of Ditty Bop and had great fun cos its a good piece of music. The ladies managed to get to the second level of abdominal work. It was tough but they persevered :) Well done everyone.
17th March 2010, 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). Good turn out today with only my sole man missing. We REVISED : Chica Boom Boom & Booty Music and LEARNT : Sister Kate. Everyone seemed to enjoy this lively dance and put quite a bit of effort into it. Well done ladies.
16th March 2010, 8:30pm - Beginners Ballet Fit (Lucky Garden, Bangsar). Fairly good turn out today but i missed the sisters and the only man. Anyway, we decided to give Ballet Fit a go today. It was a slow class as it was the first time and everything had to be explained from scratch. I hope everyone understood the explanations and will be able to apply them in whatever the next class will be. Thanks everyone.

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

CLASSES CLOSED : In conjunction with our Malaysian school holidays, there will be no Tues 10am and Wed 10am class on the 16th & 17th. Enjoy your children :)
14th March 2010, 10:30am - Intermediate Freestyle (KD). Good turn out today and a return of several much missed faces. Good to see I-Vee Vee, Florence Chin, Pei Ru Tan back after our break together with 3 new faces - Natasha, Indah & Fatin. Yvonne helped me remember our Rumba routine with her I Phone (it is good for some things eh ;) ) We were missing Zyen Hoo, Tracy Ho and Cheryl Lim. We LEARNT : DFLD version of Booty Music and did some serious core exercises and stretching too amidst much grunting and groaning and a few squeeks too. We REVISED : the Rumba section of our Latin medley. Let's look forward to next week and stronger muscles :) Great to have you all back.
11th March 2010, 8:30pm - Beginners Dance Fit (Purple Yogis). Great turn out today after the studio's open day last weekend. This was actually a replacement class for the one I had to cancel on Tues. I'm delighted to see new faces and especially our one and only gentleman. We LEARNT : DFLS version of Chiaca Boom Boom. We went really slow for the core exercises as the new students had to understand the techniques to avoid hurting themselves. Still we managed to cover quite a bit. Looking forward to next week. Remember it'll be on Tues 8:30pm.
11th March 2010, 9:45am - Advance Freestyle (KD). Small turn out today and a great chance to run thru many of the older dances and really hit the new stuff too. We REVISED : Ice Cream, Breathless, Teas For Two & Teresa. We had a new addition to the class today, a student that was with me many years ago and who is back - Theresa, welcome back. We continued to LEARN : Go The Distance and managed to teach Theresa the dance and add on another section. Great work today girls. Remember what we've done :)
11th March 2010, 8:30am - Beginners Dance Fit (KD). Good turn out today. We're still missing Karen but we're sure she's enjoying her holiday. We LEARNT : DFLD version of Booty Music. We went a little further with our core exercises today and everyone tried really hard. Great job ladies.
10th March 2010, 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). Full attendance for the first time since CNY!!!! Thank you ladies & gentleman. Great to see you all here. Today we LEARNT : Chica Boom Boom & Booty Music - very hard working lah. Hope you remember it next week ya. We also REVISED : Copacabana. Everyone do a bit of homework and we should be great next week.
10th March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance. Not quite a full turn out today but we got quite a bit of work done. We RELEARNT : Dont Play With Fire and REVISED : Sister Kate, Booty Music, Chica Boom Boom, Copacabana & Speak With Your Heart.
‎9th March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Line Dance. Great turn out today. We welcomed back I-Vee Vee who's recovered from her bad back and settled into her new 'mum' routine and Daisy. Sadly Soo M Wong is still away recovering from dengue. BUT we did welcome a new student, Jenny, into our class and we're impressed she worked so hard. Today we LEARNT : Sister Kate (with our cute styling) and REVISED : Chica Boom Boom & Booty Music. We had a discussion on whether we're all willing to pay more to move into a bigger studio back in KD. Results of this discussion will be posted when it happens :) We hope everything we learnt today will help Angela when she goes to watch Tom Jones live! :D
‎8th March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Line Dance. Good class today. Every one worked really hard to LEARN : Dont Play With Fire. At the end of class everyone was dancing it on their own and doing well. Thanks ladies!
7th March 2010 - Open Day, Purple Yogis, Lucky Garden, Bangsar. I started off my first session with an introduction to the 3 Cardio Dance styles - Ballet Fit, Dance Fit & Latin Fit. I had a modest turn out for the first session but was delighted to have 3 men to the 1 lady in my class, and they all did every step of my class too! Well done guys - I'm proud of you. My second session was a Social Dance introduction to Cha Cha, Rock n Roll & Waltz. Again I was delighted to have not only 3 but 5 men! Thanks everyone for making it such an enjoyable day.
7th March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Freestyle. Even though I was not in attendance today I heard we had a better turn out then expected. Thanks Yvonne for bringing your friends back. Hoo Sze Yen lead the class today and they did Maneater for the cardio section and revised Dreamcatcher & the Latin Medley. Well done girls! I hope you got it clear cos you're going to have to remind me of the steps next week :) We missed I-Vee Vee cos she's out with a bad back. Get well soon dear. Thanks to Tracy Hofor being treasurer today.
‎6th March 2010, 3pm - Latin/Social Dance (Bronze). This was our first lesson for the year of the Tiger and we had almost full attendance. It was a steaming hot afternoon and the air con didn't seem to help much. This group of fast learners managed to finish the entire social syllabus for International Tango in one lesson. I'm very proud of them. We also discovered that the Tango is definately Mr Lim's dance :) He's really good at the character of it.

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

6th March 2010 - REMINDER : Latin & Social Dance at RSGC resumes today. This month we'll be learning Social International Tango. See you all there ;)

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

Here's the full address for BRONYA @ XuanZe Yoga & Fitness : 2-3 Jalan PJU 5/5, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. Classes are held here on Thursdays & Sundays.

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

4th March 2010 - BREAKING NEWS : Intermediate Freestyle is planning to reopen on 7th March 2010, 10:30am - 12:30pm. Location will be Xuan Ze Yoga & Fitness Center in Jalan PJU 5/11, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. All former students - Tracy, Sze Yen, Yvonne Chau, Florence, I Vee, Pei Ru, Cheryl Lim, Zahrine - please contact me to indicate if you will able to attend this week and for the latest rates. This weekend will be a reviser class which will have our usual conditioning section and run thru's for our Latin Medley, Dreamcatcher (Waltz), Ice Cream & Breathless.
‎4th March 2010, 9:45am - Advance Freestyle. We didn't have full attendance today but certainly enough to have a good class. We spent a large part of our class today REVISING : Kiss Goodbye, Not So Brian, Breathless, Liberian Girl and our Ballroom Medley. We also RELEARNT : Go The Distance (Hercules Medley). There was a lot of moaning at the end of the floor excersises :) but I'm sure everyone will survive to make class next week. Have a good weekend ladies.
4th March 2010, 8:30am - Beginner Dance Fit. We were missing our tallest and shortest students today but class got off to a good start with two new students who decided to join us. One is an old student, Theresa who also brought a friend Coco. Great to have you on board ladies. Today we LEARNT : DFLD version of Chica Boom Boom (64cts) and managed to get thru the first level of abdominal work and did some stretching. Well done ladies. It can only get easier from this point onwards :)
3rd March 2010, 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance. Good start to the year of the Tiger for this class. 99% attendance!!! We RELEARNT : Pata Pata - i really like this dance, and we LEARNT : Copacabana. There was some confusion with the second wall but everyone persevered and I'm sure we'll get it smoother next week.
‎3rd March 2010, 10am - Intermediate Line Dance. Most of my ladies were back today and we learnt a dance that tested everyone's attention span :) Good focus dears. We LEARNT : Dont Play With Fire. We'll relearn this dance again next Monday, dont worry those who missed class today. Have a good weekend.
2nd March 2010, 8:30pm - Ballet Fit. My two ladies did a great job today, taking on the challenge of a more rigorous class today. It was quite an effort for one of them but I'm sure she'll catch up with the other given time and encouragement. Good class :)
2nd March 2010, 10am - Intermediate LD / FIL. Poor turn out today but we did have a lady who came in for a trial run and seemed to enjoy herself. We hope she'll join us next week. We missed Soo, who's in hospital for Dengue, get well soon dear. And I Vee who's out with a bad back, come back quick so we can strengthen those abs. We REVISED : Chica Boom Boom & Booty Music.

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

28th February 2010 - I'm back from Macau! Classes all back to normal this week ya everyone. CNY is over tonight so lets get back to some serious fun and work in class.

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

25th February 2010 - Off to Macau now for the 2nd leg of the ADC Super World Series. Let's see if there'll be any dramatic changes since the first leg. No classes till Monday 1st March 2010. Enjoy the end of CNY everyone. Practice, persevere and be patient. There's a dancer in everyone of us.
24th Feb 2010, 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance. Great class today with FULL attendance. Thank you ladies :) Good start to the year of the Tiger. We REVISED : Sister Kate, Booty Music, Chica Boom Boom, Tango Cha, Rumba Facination, Wild Ponies, Roomba, The Moon Represent My Heart [chinese]. Wonderful work out and fantastic effort from everyone.

23rd February 2010

Line Dance / FIL Intermediate class had a small attendence today (just 4) but we still managed to have a good time with lots of laughter. I've missed you girls over the break. Anyway we LEARNT : Chica Boom Boom & Booty Music. Very hard working today :) We hope I Vee will be back soon.

Cardio Dance Beginners had a really small attendance today (only 2) so I let them sample 'Ballet Fit' for the first time. We had a great class with both the ladies doing really well for first timers. I'm glad they realized that there's nothing easy about doing slow, smooth movements in comparison to faster, higher cardio movements. Congratulations for finishing the class without complaint :)

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

I'm off to Tokyo, Japan for the 1st leg of the ADC Tour - the asian Dancesport championship with the biggest winners purse, a total of US$100,000.00. Pro Champ takes home US$10,000!! This is the 3rd year - fantastic! I'll be back 22nd Feb. So no classes till 23rd Feb. Be good!!

From the desk of Bronya (Ms B)

Wishing everyone a happy, safe, healthy (wherever possible), blessed Chinese New Year!!!!

11th February 2010

Thurs Beg. Dance Fit class at XuanZe had a small attendance today but we managed to have a fun time working out to MANEATER and pushed ourselves in floor work. At the end of class we taught Mey Mey how to hug back and ended up sharing some glorious hugs all round. Have a great CNY dears!

Thurs Advance Freestyle class at XuanZe started off with a warm up and cardio workout with some of our older routines and did some great core exercises amidst some moaning and groaning :) Still working on a contemp. routine done to GO THE DISTANCE. I felt quite inspired by the group as everyone tried their best to absorb the lyrical timing of this beautiful piece. We ended with warm wishes being shared by all for the CNY. Those of you travelling, be safe and vigilant.

Next class on Thurs will be 4th March. See you then.

10th February 2010

Wed Reviser Intermediate Line Dance class at RSGC ; RELEARNT : Sister Kate and REVISED : Booty Music, Chica Boom Boom, Copacabana, Come Back, Pata Pata, Roomba, Speak With Your Heart, The Moon Represents My Heart.

Everyone was very enthusiastic today and we all had a great workout. Lots of exchanging of gifts, hugs and wishes for the CNY break. Thanks ladies for your much appreciated goodie bags. I hope you'll all have a blessed festive season. Class resumes on Wed 17th Feb 2010. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Wed Intermediate Line Dance class at RCS, Damansara Heights LEARNT : Pata Pata and had more of a workout then they bargained for but enjoyed the challenge. Well done everyone. Let's not loose it all over the holidays eh. Next class on the 24th Feb. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

9th February 2010

Tues Intermediate FIL/LD class LEARNT : Pata Pata and REVISED : Let's Dance. Pata Pata was difficult due to the lack of space in the studio so we had to learn facing the mirror then turn it on its side to get the space. Everyone did great!!

Tues Beginner Dance Fit class LEARNT : Hey You.DFLD and reached the 2nd level of abdominal crunches and started 1st level leg exercises!!!! Woo hoo! Way to go ladies, and its only the second class. Looking forward to next week when everyone should be more 'alive' after the brief public holiday.

8th February 2010

Good class today with my RSGC Inter LD group. We LEARNT : Sister Kate and REVISED : Chica Boom Boom & Booty Music. We welcomed a new member to the group - Welcome Lynn Wong. See you next on Wednesday.

7th February 2010

My Thursday classes started in XuanZe Yoga & Fitness, Kota Damansara, PJ. Its a wonderfully pretty studio and rather zen.

The Dance Fit class at 8:30 am very kindly put up with a technical difficulty I had with the sound system and had a much shorter class then expected doing the routine for 'Love Is In The Air'. Thank you so much ladies for not complaining. We'll have a much better one next week ya :)

Freestyle Advance at 9:45 am saw the return of an old face which was much welcomed. Good to have you back Vivianne! We had some trouble adjusting to the new direction of the studio for some of our old routines but i'm sure everyone will get their 'groove' back by the next lesson. We started a new routine to 'Go The Distance' in honor of the start of the Winter Olympics. Great job girls ! See you next week.

3rd February 2010

I had 2 classes today in new locations :-

1. I had my regular Tues 10am Inter LD/FIL class in Shall We Dance studios in Aman Suria, PJ. It was a much smaller studio and we only had an hour, but we still managed to learn 'Let's Dance' and work up a good sweat. Thanks girls, for making it a great class. Love you gals.

2. I was invited to teach Cardio Dance Fit in a new studio called Purple Yogis in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. Its a lovely little studio with the unique feature of being an allergy free studio - the first of its kind in Malaysia. I must admit my sinus' felt very happy while I was there. We started with 3 students and had a fun time with 'Honey Honey'. If you're in Bangsar, come and check us out.

29th January 2010

Studio Update : We now have a choice of 4 studio's - Kota Damansara, Taman SEA, Paramount & Damansara Heights. Let me know which you prefer ladies.

28th January 2010

I have located 3 possible studios - Kota Damansara, Paramount and Damansara Heights. Each has it's pros and cons.

26th January 2010

Hi everyone. I'm back from Jakarta. This week is our last week in the smash studio space. Look out for news on where we'll relocate Kota Damansara classes. Hope to have news for you by this week.

From the desk of Hoo Sze Yen

Teresa - choreographed by Bronya. This video has the teach section and a 4-wall dance demo.


21st January 2010

Hi everyone, I'll be in Jakarta Fri-Sun for the Queens Cup Dancesport Championship. Take note that there'll be no classes till Monday 25th.

From the desk of Hoo Sze Yen

NEW STEPSHEET FROM BRONYA! In conjunction with Teresa's upcoming 70th birthday, Bronya has choreographed a delightful jive piece for her to the song Teresa by Paolo Belli.

Bronya Bishorek's Dance Stepsheet : Teresa
1-4 Swivel your R toe in next to your LF, swivel your R heel out to a R diagonal, hitch your R knee up & rise on the ball of your LF, step RF across LF 5-8 Swivel your L toe next to your ...

From the desk of Hoo Sze Yen

We all know that Bronya comes up with new choreography all the time... it's getting the stepsheets written that is difficult, because the moves are too complex to be put down on paper accurately.

Still,she tries her best... so here are three of Bronya's fantastic new dances, captured in words just for you!

Dance name: Music 08
Song: Please Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna
Link to stepsheet:

Dance name: Kiss Goodbye
Song: Kiss Goodbye by Wang Lee Hom
Link to stepsheet:

Dance name: Painting
Song: If I Were A Painting by Kenny Rogers
Link to stepsheet: