Sunday, March 8, 2015

Strength (physical)

The average person starting an exercise program (e.g. the Foundation & Conditioning [F&C] class or any dance class you're seriously committed to) may GAIN 3-5 pounds. If you're among these people, you've successfully gained lean body mass or muscles. Congratulate yourself! You deserve a pat on the back for all your hard work. However...if you haven't yet, read on.

Check Your Body Composition

Your body composition refers to the percentage of fat and percentage of fat-free body mass that makes up your total body weight. Fat-free mass, also known as lean-body mass, consists primarily of muscle tissue, bones, and blood, essentially all the rest of your body that is NOT fat.

The ideal body fat for MEN is 15-18%. For WOMEN the ideal range is 22-25%. Please remember that these are only suggested ideal ranges. Some individuals with a higher percentage of body fat who are regularly active may still be considered at a healthy weight (like myself).

It does help with motivation and goals if you start each year with a baseline of your body composition in which to measure the effectiveness of your program over time. You can see how much muscle mass you have when you get started. Every six (6) weeks or so, you can check to see how much more muscle mass you have developed. If you're a person who is motivated by numbers, this is a concrete way to stay excited about your progress.

Contact me if you wish to have your body composition record started and be prepared to stay back after class to have measurements done. A small fee will be incurred for the service. Contact me via Whatsapp or SMS - + for appointments.

Since the major festivals that involve a substantial amount of eating have recently passed, this is a good time to set your goals.

Ms. B