Wednesday, November 3, 2010

From the desk of Ms B

I'd like to take the opportunity to wish all my Indian friends & students a HAPPY DIWALI. Have a blessed festival of lights.

NOTE : Please remember there will be no classes on 4th November at Tropicana Dance Academy as I'll be taking my mother to hospital for a follow up at UH. Ladies in Advance Freestyle, 10:15am & Intermediate Freestyle, 12noon take note. Our next class will be on the 11th November. Please practice till then. Thank you.

3rd November 2010, Wed. 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

A couple of ladies were not present today but we welcomes back Katrina who's been missing for a while. The class decided they'd like to learn CUBAN YEAH today which was choreographed by Jennifer Choo. Its a brisk cha cha number based on the popular tune Yeah by Usher and given a delightful latin tweak. Its a 64 count dance based on some basic cha cha patterns. Some of the bars didn't seem to flow very well as they were obviously created for the general line dancer to cope with so I changed a couple of steps in the 3/8 & 5/8 to more authentic international cha cha steps which were 'approved' of by the class. I'm glad to see everyone has learnt enough about the latin genre to 'feel' when something is not quite right. Well done everyone!!!

3rd November 2010, Wed. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). 

We had a good turn out in class today with all our 'babies' coming back to class after their short holiday. Our new friends, Florence, came in too and gamely tried walking thru all our reviser dances. Good job Florence. Today we revised - SUMMER LOVE, SLOW BURN, SWING FEVER, CANDY MAN, CATHERINE'S PAIN & IT'S LOVE. Everyone had a really good workout and left satisfied. Looking forward to next Monday.

2nd November 2010, Tues. 8:30pm - Beg/Mid Dance Fit (PY). 

We had two brand new students today. I never did get their names but they gave out great positive vibes so I'm really happy to have them with us. As I mentioned before, since we now only have one 'pioneer' still within the group, I opted to go back to the beginning and work out our #1 routine, Coffee.dfld from today. We managed to cover 1/8-4/8 of our routine before we changed over to our #4 routine, Booty Music and worked 1/8-4/8 of that routine. We still worked at 5 sets of our core training but did less as we acclimatised our new students to level. Thanks everyone for putting in effort to today's class. Shirley, don't forget to put your gear in your car next week ya ;) Class remains at the Lucky Garden studio for one more week.

2nd November 2010, Tues. 6:15pm - Beginners Aerobics (KRISS). 

The format of this class has been changed to Aerobics for the next 3 months to offer an option to the staff as several mentioned that they thought it was too hard to 'just join' when it was a Dance Fit class. Thankfully, most of the staff in today's class have been following the Dance Fit class for the past 3 months so their fitness level didn't go into shock at the change of format. However, the newcomers were a little surprised at the intensity of energy required for an aerobic class :D Well we learn something new everyday, yes? Stick to it for the next few months and the benefits will be felt. Good luck all.

NOTE : I've been advised that the Purple Yogis classes will continue to the conducted in the Lucky Garden studio for this week and next week. I hope you've all been advised and look forward to seeing you all tonight.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1st November 2010, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dancing (RSGC). 

Can you believe its November already. Wow.....this year has really flown past. Good turn out in class today. Our 'babies' were not with us today but we did have a couple of lovely ladies who came by for a try out - thanks for being with us Joan & Florence. We hope you'll consider joining us. Today we learnt SUMMER LOVE by Patricia Stott danced to the song How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees. Its a lovely, simple cha cha styled dance that was easy to handle and appropriate to the song. It also gave us a chance to try our styling that we've been slowly working on for the past 2 years. Several of the ladies managed to put in some at one point or another. Our two visitors managed really easily too and adapted to the simpler variations offered for the spiral turn. Looking forward to dancing this again on Wed.