Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2nd November 2010, Tues. 8:30pm - Beg/Mid Dance Fit (PY). 

We had two brand new students today. I never did get their names but they gave out great positive vibes so I'm really happy to have them with us. As I mentioned before, since we now only have one 'pioneer' still within the group, I opted to go back to the beginning and work out our #1 routine, Coffee.dfld from today. We managed to cover 1/8-4/8 of our routine before we changed over to our #4 routine, Booty Music and worked 1/8-4/8 of that routine. We still worked at 5 sets of our core training but did less as we acclimatised our new students to level. Thanks everyone for putting in effort to today's class. Shirley, don't forget to put your gear in your car next week ya ;) Class remains at the Lucky Garden studio for one more week.

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