Thursday, March 17, 2011

16th March 2011, Wed. 8:30pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

We learnt THINKING OF U by Wanda Heldt danced to the song Thinking Of You by Chris Rea. I have never heard of thing singer but find his music and his voice has a certain uniqueness to it which drew my attention to it. Wanda's choreography is simple and if styled from the heart can be quite beautiful. However, if you just work your way thru the steps without attempting any styling it can be a bit dull. Best advise - dance it from your heart and express yourself while doing so.

16th March 2011, Wed. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). 

We ran thru Mon's routine and everyone did much better with the syncopated steps. We also took some time to use WILD PONIES, MOONDANCE & CATHERINE'S PAIN for a workout.

15th March 2011, Tues. 8:30pm - Low Intermediate Dance Fit (RCS). 

Good class today, specially in the cardio and on good form in the upper and lower body sections. We managed 2 cardio routines today - WAIT A MINUTE & FOUR MINUTES. Great work. Extra time was spent on the upper & lower body and i appreciate everyone's patients while i attempted to get everyone to correct their technique.

15th March 2011, Tues. 6:15pm - Mid Beginner Dance Fit (SIH). 

We completed the 8 bars of WAIT A MINUTE and managed to execute it in 8's, 4's & 2's. Looking forward to adding the singles next week. There was some progress in the upper body, lower body & floor work today too. Let's keep it up everyone.

14th March 2011, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

Today we started on our new album with HIGH OFF UR VIBE by Amy Spencer & Adam Berman which is danced to the song You're Making Me High by Toni Braxton. As I said in an earlier post of this same dance, the choreographers have done a decent job creating a dance with just enough sensuality in it to match the very sensual character of the song. The rest is left to the dancer to interpretate. Nice piece.

10th March 2011, Thurs. 12noon - Intermediate Freestyle (TGCR). 

We saw the return of our long missing 'kaki' Cheryl Quanand also welcomed two new faces to our group Anna Koh and Jessie Chong. We also had a 'newbie' trial-ing the class so we had a rather large group today. Since we had so many new faces I started a new routine using Rain's I'M COMING which is a routine that was created some time back but is still pretty fresh. We ended the class by running thru our last routine - SO HOT to keep it in our memories as its still technically unfinished. Didn't video this weeks class so no practice video yet.

10th March 2011, Thurs. 10:15am - Advance Freestyle (TGCR). 

We started off warming up with our usual russian roulette selection of old dances. We worked a bit on Temporary Home and then slowly went thru our present routine, Hollywood, to allow those missing last week to catch up. I only managed to add on 2 bars after that which brought us to the end of our chorus. So now we have 4(intro)+4(verse)+4(chorus). I hope Zyen Hoo can post the video taken on her iphone here soon.

9th March 2011, Wed. 8:30pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

We danced to the powerful song Welcome To Burlesque sung by the amazing Cher. The dance was BURLESQUE by Norm Gifford. As the song has a strong tango rhythm, Norm incorporated some familiar Argentina tango patterns into the dance. I found it easy to follow and teach and the 'basic-ness' of the routine allows for much individualized styling. Very nice.

9th March 2011, Wed. 10am - Intermediate Reviser Line Dance (RSGC). 

Oh we had a great class today! As promised on Monday, we danced the six dances we practiced on Monday straight thru and boy did we work up a good heart rate and a dripping sweat batch - phew! Great stuff. After we 'recovered' from that round, we continued with a few more favourites - SWAYVAGANZA by Bronya B, PATA PATA by Agoston Connor, FANTABULOUS by Bracken Ellis and KISS GOODBYE by Bronya B.

8th March 2011, Tues. 8:30pm - High Beginners Dance Fit (RCS). 

Being a slightly higher level class then my earlier one, this group picked up the new routine to WAIT A MINUTE within the stipulated 30 mins and really worked it hard. We had a productive upper & lower body section and finished off with a killer abdominal session which everyone did their best in. Very pleased with this class, especially Yow Oi Lin for managing to do so much in the cardio section - great stuff.

8th March 2011, Tues. 6:15pm - Mid Beginners Dance Fit (SIH). 

After a 2 week break we got started on a new routine today to WAIT A MINUTE. We got up to the 6/8 bar and everyone worked hard to try and regain their stamina & strength. Lets try out best to be as consistent as possible in March and we'll be back on track in no time.

7th March 2011, Mon. 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

We are on our final run thru of our 'Favourite Line Dances Revisited' album this week. Today we covered WILD PONIES by Ami Walker, ALWAYS THINKING OF YOU by Daniel Whittaker, GOING ALL THE WAY by Teresa & Vera, TRIPPIN' by Neville Fitzgerald and QUAND'05 by Masters In Line. We finish of the remaining dances on Wed. Have a good breakfast before class ladies.

Wednesday, 8pm - Intermediate Line Dance (RCS). 

This die hard group never fails to show up and do their best at each class. The students come & go on their trips and family commitments and its hard to ever have a full class attendance but it does not deter anyone. We no longer run thru our old dances as we always have someone in the class that didn't learn it, so we learn a new dance every lesson now and keep moving so that we still achieve a great workout. Here are the dances that we've covered since the last report :

19/Jan - Como Estas My Lady by Sebastiaan Holtland. 

26/Jan - 4Get U by Jordan Lloyd.

9/Feb - Respect by Dutch Delight. 

16/Feb - High Off Ur Vibe by Amy Spencer & Adam Berman. Now this dance was really nice with sensual elements in it which made it a delight for me to dance and I throughly enjoyed it. Thank you Amy & Adam.

23/Feb- Heating Up by Kischa. This dance was just fun and it was a great way to end Feb.

Tuesday, 8:30pm - High Beginners Dance Fit (RCS). 

The ladies & Adam Junid have been as consistent as possible and the ability level has risen greatly since last year. The larger hall that we're in now is helping to encourage people to move around with more gusto. This group has managed to move into low intermediate abdominal work and is starting to get their upper body strength built. Work demands on all of us has made it difficult to maintain regularity but everyone is trying their very best and i'm very happy.

Tuesday, 6:15pm - Beginners Dance Fit (SIH). 

The group has only managed very intermittent classes since the beginning of the year but they did manage to complete 'Four Minutes' before the CNY break. Attendees of the class come & go but again the core group of 4 remain strong & dedicated.

Monday & Wednesday, 10am - Intermediate Line Dance (RSGC). 

The class has completed their album of 'Favourite Line Dances Revisited' and will be starting their next new album next week. We have several new faces join us this year. Some are away on long holidays and one away due to ill health but core group is still going strong.

From the desk of Ms B

Sorry for not updating this group more often. When the video's failed to upload over several days in Jan, it broke my rhythm. You'll find following a series of brief class reports to let you know what we've covered over the last 2 months.