Thursday, October 28, 2010

5th October 2010, Tues. 8:30pm - Mid Beginners Dance Fit (PY). 

Slow start today and a small turn out but given the size of the studio it proved very comfortable. We started to learn song #5 Sister Kate by Ditty Bops. Its a lilt rhythm and very lively. We just about managed to learn 1/8-2/8 after a few extra rounds. Mos t of them managed it with the extra time but we're still far from getting the rhythm. Nevertheless, we continued with a great work out with song #2-4 which we worked in 10's before dancing it thru. I tweaked the core work today and there were some grunts but everyone did great. I finished off the session with a couple of one to one stretches and everyone seemed happy. I know they'll all get a great sleep tonight

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