Thursday, September 30, 2010

30th September 2010, Thurs. 12noon - Intermediate FIL (TGCC)

The ladies trickled in but all showed up today and we had the return of an old friend - Mandy Koo. It was good to have her back in class with us. We finished off our steps for the beginners social cha cha that we've been learning for the past few weeks. I'm just getting everyone to polish it up and style it so we look good dancing on our own. 

Remember our routine - 

2 x basic chasse, 

3 x n/york, 1 x spot turn, 

2 x basic chasse, 

4 x shoulder2shoulder, 

3 x basic cha cha, 

2 x 1/2 turn cha, 

1 x basic cha cha.

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